Moisture meter Gann HT85T M18

The GANN HT 85 T moisture meter combines three devices in one, since we can use it to measure the moisture in wood, the moisture in construction materials and the temperature.

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Moisture meter Gann HT85T M18

The HT85 moisture meter is used for measuring moisture in solid wood, chipboard panels, veneer and construction materials. If used with a suitable probe, it can also be used for measuring the temperature of wood and wood-based materials, air, gas and various construction materials and liquids. The moisture meter is also suitable for monitoring the wood moisture during the process of drying in open air or in the drying room.

The HT85 moisture meter is intended for anyone who wants to quickly measure the moisture in wood, veneer and construction materials as well as the temperature.

The moisture meter with an indication of measurement on the LCD display uses a suitable electrode to measure the amount of wood moisture in the range from 4 to 100 %, and up to the depth of up to 180 mm in solid wood, namely in more than 300 types of wood that are divided in 4 measuring groups. It measures the moisture level in construction materials in the range from 0 to 80 units, which corresponds to the range between 0.5 and 25% of moisture in construction materials. The moisture meter also enables the setting of temperature measuring range, namely between -10 and +90°C, as well as the temperature measurement in the range between -50 and +199.9°C.
Before measuring, set the measuring group and air temperature, and perform the measurement.
Upon the purchase of moisture meter, you receive a 9V battery, while you may optionally also order a charger and a 9V Ni-Cd rechargeable battery.

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