Moisture meter Gann COMPACT B

A non-destructive meter for measuring moisture in construction materials using a touch probe.

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Moisture meter Gann COMPACT B

The GANN Compact »B« moisture meter is for measuring moisture in all types of construction materials as well as for assessing the moisture distribution in walls, floor and ceilings as well as for the first measuring, before the CM method (carbide method of moisture measuring).

The moisture meter is intended especially for the layers of parquet and other wooden flooring. You perform the measurement by touching perpendicular to the measurement point, and then read out the displayed measurement which is in “digit” unit.

The Compact B moisture meter is equipped with a single-line LCD display and a ball touch sensor.
It operates on the principle of dielectricity, which means the high-frequency measuring. The COMPACT B moisture meter enables measuring in the range from 0 to 100 “digit” units.

The COMPACT B moisture meter is easy to use, since it nicely fits in the hand due to its ergonomic shape.
Every time the moisture meter is switched on, it automatically resets itself.
Upon purchasing the moisture meter, you receive a 9V battery.

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