Plunge-cut saw FESTOOL TS 55 FEBQ-Plus-FS

Plunge-cut saw FESTOOL TS 55 FEBQ-Plus-FS


The best plunge-cut saw on the market FESTOOL TS 55 FEBQ-Plus-FS. A set that makes the plunge-cut saw even more useful.

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Plunge-cut saw FESTOOL TS 55 FEBQ-Plus-FS

An excellent feature of the plunge-cut saw is the very flat and narrowly shaped splinter guard of the circular blade, which allows us to saw at the edges of workpieces or walls with a sawing distance of 12 mm from the wall.

The plunge-cut saw also has a flag window/vision panel with which you can control the accuracy of the sawing. A great advantage of the saw is also the spring guide wedge, which makes it easier for us to saw and position the saw in the already existing joint.

Circular saw TS 55 FEBQ

Plunge-cut circular saw.

For greater cutting depths up to 55 mm. Follow only one line. Accurate up to a millimeter and without splintering. With the necessary force for any material – light and easy to use. And a three-bearing motor, including MMC electronics, for extremely long life. The TS 55 circular saw combines high power and low weight in a compact device and, together with the guide rail, ensures flexible, fast and precise work.


• Spring guide wedge for unobstructed plunge cut

• Setting of operation on the guide rail without tools

• Quick-acting brake for safe and convenient sawing

• FastFix: quick and easy changing of saw blade and adjustment to the working material

• Adjustable splinter guard for quality work results

Basic use

• Precise circular cut into materials up to 55 mm thick

• Cutting house doors lengthwise with the help of a guide rail and a circular saw

• Cutting and processing of winter garden profiles

• Clean and easy cutting of cable ducts lengthwise

• Precise cut of double floors to the appropriate size

• Cutting multilayer boards

Fix all problems with one cut

With a cutting depth of 55 mm and a connection power of 1200 watts, even thick workpieces can be cut with a single cut. The time-consuming task of processing two sides is a thing of the past. This reduces the cost of additional work, and the arduous process of rotating the workpiece becomes a thing of the past.

Optimal cutting quality

For high quality work results: The guide rail ensures a clean cut without splintering. The TS 55 saw is equipped with jaws that do not need to be adjusted with any tools to saw without any irregularities.

FastFix saw blade replacement system

Work adapted to the material. Spindle stop with FastFix makes it extremely easy to change the saw blade. Thus, you always work with the right saw blade, at a speed that is adapted to the material.

Precise depth adjustment

The depth of cut can be set to the millimeter with the help of the arresting depth.

Sawing on both sides, no splintering

With the set protection element, which protects against splintering in combination with the guide rail, even sawing on both sides is possible without splintering. Advantage: no additional repair costs and significantly less waste material from workpiece.

Safe and clean insertion

The guide wedge has a spring and therefore automatically slides back into the housing when it is mounted on the workpiece. When the machine is inserted, the spacer moves into the groove of the saw and prevents the saw blade from jamming. This means that the spacer is always on the saw and thus ensures safety at all times.



Lean housing that allows us to saw near the wall 12 mm.

Easy angle adjustment with undercut function from -1 to 47 °.

Sawing materials up to 55 mm thick.

Flag window/vision panel for sawing quality control.

Greater security, greater comfort.

The spring guide wedge runs behind the circular blade and allows us greater safety during sawing, and at the same time makes it easier for us to insert the plunge-cut saw into the existing joint.



- plunge-cut saw FESTOOL TS 55 FEBQ-Plus,

- Festool saw blade HW 48 teeth,

- universal Festool Schuko cable,

- plastic transport case,

- aluminum guide FS 1400/2.

Product Details

Data sheet

Power (kW)
Idle speed revolutions (rpm)
2000 - 5200
Tilt adjustment
-1 / +47°
Maximum sawing depth (mm)
45°: 43 mm
90°: 55 mm
Weight (kg)
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