Router FESTOOL OF 1400 EBQ-Plus

Router FESTOOL OF 1400 EBQ-Plus


Festool of 1400 is one of the best and most versatile routers. Extremely accurate. Very easy to use. Whether guided freely or on a guide, the OF 1400 EBQ-Plus is the ideal router for any professional user.

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Router OF 1400 EBQ-Plus

Versatile router for all tasks.

Extremely versatile. Extremely accurate. Very easy to use: Whether guided freely or on a guide, the 1010 router is the ideal single-handed device. Due to its size and low weight, it can be guided along edges, lines or bends with just one hand. For routing profiles, grooves, protrusions and recessing dovetail batons – the OF 1010 impresses with a wide variety of technical solutions.


Power consumption of the router is 1400 W, which will allow you to cope with every operation.

Superior ergonomics and ease of use.

Rocker and ratchet principle for convenient cutter changes.

Routing depth adjustment to 1/10 mm.

MMC electronics for adaptation to working material and temperature monitoring.

Chip deflector and dust extraction hood is built into the base plate.


Outstanding product features

Faster achievement of ideal results:

• The routing depth can be finely adjusted accurate to a tenth of a millimeter in a few seconds, without corrections.

Convenient and safe:

• The compact and lightweight OF 1010 can be guided precisely along edges, lines or bends with one hand.

Systems get it done:

• Can be expanded in several ways with milling system, stencil system, hole drilling system and joining system. Cleaner and healthier work environment with Festool mobile extraction devices.


Basic use

• Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges

• Accessories (fittings) for metal routing

• Grooving rear panels with the guide system, drilling for groove slats or routing gypsum boards (edge folding technique)

• Drilling rows of holes in furniture with the LR 32 hole drilling system

• Production of wooden connections with VS 600



- cutter OF 1400,

- dust extractors,

- copying ring 30 mm,

- clamping collet 8 and 12 mm,

- open ended spanner for changing cutters,

- side stop with fine-setting,

- adapter for use with aluminum guide,

- plastic case,

- universal Festool Schuko cable.

Product Details

Data sheet

Power (kW)
Rotational speed (rpm)
10000 - 24000
Cutterhead diameter (mm)
8 and 12
Vertical stroke (mm)
Fine setting (mm)
Maximum vertical cutter diameter (mm)
Weight (kg)
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