Boring bit and plug cutter set CMT 500.002.08

The boring bit and plug cutter set is used for patching defects in solid wood. Boring bits and plug cutters for making bores and plugs with a diameter of 16, 20, 25 and 30 mm are available.

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The boring bit and plug cutters set for repairing knots contains four boring bits for boring out knots and four plug cutters for making plugs.

They are made of alloyed steel and they each have four blades.

Due to the quality material and excellently designed blade geometry, we can make plugs out of soft as well as hard wood.

The plug cutter is used on horizontal and vertical boring machines, which allow a boring bit shank of at least 13 mm.

The boring bits and plug cutters are delivered in a strong plastic case.

Product Details

Data sheet

Shank diameter (mm)
10 / 13
Diameter (D) (mm)

Garnitura svedrov za izdelavo izvrtin in čepov.

Garnitura za krpanje napak v lesu.

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