Drill bits for ANUBA hinges, diameter 7.7 mm

With mechanical clamping for CNC machines, the drill bits for ANUBA hinges are used for drilling boreholes for door hinges.

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Diameter (D-mm)
Shank dia. (S-mm)
Tot. leng. (L-mm)
Cutt. depth (H-mm)
Diameter 1 (d-mm)
Cutt. leng. 1 (I1-mm)
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The drill bits for ANUBA hinges are made of quality HSS steel, and they are dual sharpened for better mechanical anchoring of the hinge. They are intended to be used on CNC machines with mechanical clamping.

The drill bits for ANUBA hinges no. 14 – 16 – 18 are available.

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Model Diameter 1 (d-mm) Diameter (D-mm) Tot. leng. (L-mm) Shank dia. (S-mm) Cutt. depth (H-mm) Cutt. leng. 1 (I1-mm) Unit price Buy
515.161.51 6 7,7 95 10x35 60 15
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