2-piece adjustable grooving cutter head CMT 694.021 D150x14-27 mm

The CMT adjustable grooving cutter head with interchangeable HW blades for making grooves ranging from 14 to 27 mm. The cutter head has a diameter of 150 mm and an adjustable height ranging from 14 to 27 mm and a borehole diameter of 30 or 35 mm. The cutter head is used for manual and machine feeding of workpieces.

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The 2-piece adjustable grooving cutter head is made of lightweight aluminium alloy with interchangeable HW blades that rotate and do not need to be sharpened. It is intended for making precise rabbets and grooves in hard and soft solid wood and wood composites with thickness ranging from 14 to 27 mm and depth of 44 mm.

The cutting height is adjusted with the included spacers.

The 2-piece grooving cutter head is suitable for use on conventional router machines.

The cutter head is delivered in a strong plastic case.

The 694.021 set includes:
⎻    cutter head,
⎻    eight blades 13.6 × 13.6 × 2 mm (790.136.00),
⎻    spacers (695.998.41–695.998.45).

Technical data of 694.021:
⎻    cutter head diameter: 150 mm,
⎻    working height: 14–27 mm,
⎻    borehole diameter: 30 or 35 mm.

Product Details

Data sheet

Working height (mm)
14-27 mm
Rotational speed (rpm)
5000-8000 obr/min
Diameter (mm)
150 mm
Depth T1 (mm)
44 mm

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