CNC Morbidelli AUTHOR M100 - New generation 5-axes CNC Morbidelli

The Morbidelli M100/M200 is a NC machining center with 3-axes, 4-axes or 5-axes technology with cantilever open structure, designed for both small carpentry workshops and larger companies.

CNC Morbidelli M100/M200 as the first in the market offers complete freedom of movement around the machine without restrictions, the drilling head up to 33 drills, 2 different 5-axis aggregates, Prisma and JQX, tool changer up to 60 tools, TUBELESS system of vacuum supporters for complete freedom of movement on the working table, ...

Driven by a powerful CAD/CAM Maestro program - easy to use and powerful enough for a very demanding user.

The CNC Morbidelli M100/M200 is a premium quality machine with its own unique technology for craft and industry with a high degree of flexibility and yet very affordable.

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CNC Morbidelli M100/M200



The Morbidelli M100/M200 is a new generation of CNC machines with innovative solutions for everyday work

Up to 60 % more holes in the same time, higher durability, lower maintenance costs

A new drilling unit with 31 drills with RO.AX technology achieves a 60 % greater drilling effect. Speed of rotation 8000 rpm is enabled by faster drilling with special drills. Innovative positions on the drilling head achieve better efficiency. Not only that, the possibility of drilling holes in one transition increases productivity. Periodic lubrication (usually 100 hours) is now required only for every 1000 hours of drilling. Each drill has its own lubrication nozzle. Maintaining the drilling head is more simple than we are used to and above all more economically. The current version of the drilling head allows you to service the drilling unit on your own so you can change the axis if necessary. In years of intensive usage this means lower maintenance costs. The drilling unit has been tested on thousands of different pieces. In addition to the technical advantages of the drilling head it is also worthwhile to emphasize the robust construction of the drilling head and the increased axis diameter from 12 mm to 20 mm!

PROSPACE solution for OPTIMIZING your work space

No obstacles around the machine - 360° accessible and ergonomic - all the components are internal to the base. The working table is entirely uncovered from all working units which enables total safety and freedom to load large panels (as wide as 2210 mm).

TOP QUALITY and unique to the market

Up to 4 types of units to fit different working groups.

New JQX (Just Quality eXtreme) 5-axis electrospindle with direct drive for unrivalled finsihing!

Thanks to the EO.AX (Rotoaxial spindle technology) drilling bits the maintenance is reduced - recommended only after more than 1000 hours of work.

FASTER: 60 % of time saved on drilling cycles

The new bits designed to guarantee the best effectiveness on any type of material.

BEYOND IMAGINATION - what makes the machine the best in its class?

Up to 60 tools always available on board!

It takes less than 15 seconds for the tool change. It is possible with the 14 position FAST tool changer fitted directly on the mobile unit.

FLEXIBLE - the configured solution for all your needs and your investment plan

The machine can cope with many technological demands: wood, plastic, doors, windows, stairs, massive products, furniture and others.

NO COMPROMISE for the machine performance

Versatility and free configurability of the TV FLEXMATIC work table.


The work piece machining with thickness from 180 mm and 250 mm on 75 mm vacuum pods.


The intelligent solution of the dust collection box located in an ergonomic position - no problem with dust or shavings!

The vacuum pump integrated in the machine base - free space on the ground!


1 day, 1 technician - the machine is up and running!

Product Details

FAST 14 linear tool changer - tool change in 14 seconds!

14 positions tool holder rack inside the protective cage, it can house tools and or angular heads. Fast tool change in less than 15 seconds!

FAST 14 tool changer - tool change in 14 seconds!

Tool changer is located inside the cabin and has 14 free positions.

Fast tool change in less than 15 seconds.

360 degrees more freedom - access from all sides

Integrated control box, safety bumpers instead of carpets and mobile control unit for maximum space utilization, easy maintenance, free movement of the control unit for better work organization and greater effect.

Linear tool changer TRB11/TRB14

The linear tool changer is located on the right side of the machine.
The number of free positions is 11 with the M100 and 14 with the M200.
Maximum tool diameter is 350 mm! Maximum weight of each tool is 8 kg.

Higher processing height, higher usability of the machine

The Z axis machining height is very important with 5-axis machining.

The Morbidelli M100 has a Z axis stroke of 510 mm and the M200 has even 580 mm.

Useful height/transition of the workpiece from the gripper is 180 mm with the M100 and 250 mm with the M200.

Useful height viewed from the side of the console is with the M100 255 mm and with the M200 335 mm.


The TUBELESS system of supporters allows free movement of all supporters over the entire length.

The vacuum cups are optionally added or removed over the entire length of the support.

The height of the vacuum cups is 75 mm.

Different vacuum cups dimensions are available.

Automatic adjustment of supporters and vacuum cups FLEXMATIC

The work table FLEXMATIC enables fully automatic movement of vacuum cups controlled by the MAESTRO program.

Clamping device

It allows the locking of solid wood pieces. Workpiece thickness from 32 mm to 85 mm. Purchase option: special clamps for short and very thin workpieces (from 15 mm onward).

Rotating pods without using the tool

Every pod, except 145x145 mm, is rotating. By pressing the button settings are customized.

Pods dimensions:

H=75 mm

145x145 mm

145x55 mm

180x65 mm

145x30 mm

200x40 mm

Conveyor belt for shavings and machining waste

The TUBELESS system enables more space below the work table and more efficient transport of excess material off the work table with the help of the conveyor belt.

Horizontal clamp H75

Pneumatic clamp with horizontal movement for solid wood machining. Maximum work piece: 235 mm, minimum work piece: 5 mm. Clamping stroke is 10 mm.

Built-in BECKER vacuum pump for free surface

The new Morbidelli has a built-in vacuum pump in the casing of the machine. This creates a free surface around the machine.

Available 90 m3/h, 250 m3/h or 500 m3/h capacity of oilless vacuum pumps of the recognized manufacturer Becker (Germany).

Additional mobile console TECPAD

TECPAD is a very useful technical accessory for the operator during the work itself.

Allows the machine control for all programs execution, the manual control of axes, the errors management and the graphic positioning of rails and pods.

Saw-blades usage with 5-axes technology

Maximum diameter of the saw-blade is 350 mm!

The flexibility of using the saw-blade is even better with small dimensions of the aggregate!

PROSPEED version - for maximum speed

The alternative to the PROSPACE version with safety bumpers is the PROSPEED version with safety fence, safety bumpers and photocells.

The advantage is the maximum speed of 78 m/min along the X axis when the user is outside the machine area.

Useable in the dimensions of the work table 5.510 mm and the "PENDULUM" processing.

The console for applying the maximum workpiece width

The width of processing of the CNC machine M100/M200 is 1620 mm.

The maximum width of the workpiece that can be put onto the work bench is 1900 mm for the CNC type M100 and 2210 mm for the CNC type M200.

Safety BUMPERS - PROSPACE version

Safety BUMPERS instead of safety carpets are a very practical solution for every production.

Free movement around the machine, space utilization, loading of workpieces during processing without interrupting the program, shorter production cycles are a sufficient reason why 95% of customers choose the PROSPEED version of Morbidelli CNC machines.

Tool holder - RAPID 16 - optional

An additional tool changer on the machine console.

It allows fast tool exchange up to 300 mm diameter!

"Direct 5" 5-axis unit, "JOX" version 10 kW (opc. 12 KW)

Head with direct electrospindle.

It includes: - HSK F 63 quick release tool-holder, - 1.800-24.000 rpm spindle speed, - (S1/S6) 8,5/10 kW (11,5/13,6 Hp) motor power from 12.000 rpm (opc. 10/12 kW, 13,6/16,3 Hp),  - right and left rotation, - static inverter for continuous speed and rapid shutdown of rotation, - B axis rotation: + 185°, - C axis rotation: + 320°, - liquid cooling, - positioning speed of B and C axes: 7.000°/min

TRC32 automatic tool changer - 32 positions - optional

Chain tool-changer TRC32 with 32 positions.

Maximum tool diameter: 350 mm.

Maximum weight of tools: 8 kg.

Maximum total weight: 160 kg.


Author M100

Morbidelli Author M100

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