Kotne žage

Kotne žage

Circular saws are a unique tool for sawing solid wood, wood composite materials, aluminum profiles and similar material. They are very easy to use, which is why a lot of hobby craftsmen use these saws. Our range includes miter saws for professional users for whom it is important that the saw is precise, quiet, light and easy to use. In our offer you can find miter saws by Makita, Festool, Femi, Bosch and others. All saws also require high-quality saw blades for high-quality cutting, which you can view in our store in Trzin or in our online store.

Femi 305 Pro miter saw
Limited special offer
€682.50 €910.00
The top-quality Femi miter saw with a 1300 W motor and a maximum saw blade diameter of 305 mm enables precise sawing of workpieces with a section of 168 x 78 mm and sawing on benches with the thickness of up to 53 mm....
What are the advantages of angle saws?

Their great advantage can be derived from their name, as such saws allow sawing at a certain angle. This means that you can quickly and accurately saw material with them at an angle that you specify in advance. This saw is also quite suitable in dimensions and weight, so it is easy to use in the field.

What materials can we saw with angle saws?

The angle saw is suitable for processing solid wood, materials made of wood composite materials (chipboard, plywood…), as well as for sawing aluminium profiles and the like. The saw is therefore especially suitable for carpenters, it is useful in construction, roofing and elsewhere.

Where can I get great angle saws?

We invite you to check out our offer on the website or in the actual store. In addition to a wide selection of angle saws, we also have a wide variety of saw blades – we will of course adapt their selection to your needs. If you are not completely sure about your choice, of course we are here for you. We will be happy to help you choose a product that will perfectly fulfil your tasks.