Makita P-45272 bit set

Professional set of Makita screw bits and drills which is intended for daily use on the job and in the workshop.

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The premium set of screw bits and drill bits will allow you to easily screw in various screws and drill holes.

Due to the favorable price, the bits are suitable for professional as well as hobby users.


The set contains:

- 9 torx bits (T10 - T45),

- 5 Allen bits (3 - 7 mm),

- 8 cross bits (PH0 - PH3) (PZ0 - PZ3),

- PH2 and PZ2 longer cross bits,

- Magnetic bit holder,

- Rubber bit holder,

- Adapter for socket wrenches 1/4,

- 7 sockets for nut screws (5 - 13 mm),

- 4 HSS drill bits (1.5 - 4.5 mm),

- Plastic carrying case.

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