Panel Saw MiniMax SC3 W

Panel Saw MiniMax SC3 W

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Panel Saw Mini Max SC 3 Classic

SC3 is a compact and highly precise circular saw with long stroke for craftsmen and DIY woodworkers. With powerful motors, cutting thicker pieces of solid wood isn't a problem! Saw blade has a 300mm diameter + scoring blade. The new scoring unit can be easily adjusted from outside the machine.


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Data sheet

Saw carriage length
2310 / 2660
Max. saw blade diameter (mm)
Engine power (opt.)
5 kW
Worktable height (mm)
Cut-off height (mm)
100 / 80
Cut-out width on the right guide frame
900 mm (opc 1270 mm)

Višina odreza 103 mm!

Nagib lista krožne žage - standardno

Nastavitev predrezila pod delovno mizo

Desno vodilo na polnem vodilu - opcija

Profesionalno vodilo s fino nastavitvijo.

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