Minispot patches

Conventional joinery Minispot patches of different tree species.

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Minispot patches
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The Minispot patches are used for covering undesired parts in solid wood, such as resin galls, the holes of wood pests, and similar.

The solid wood Minispot patches are available for different tree species, such as pine, beech, oak, maple, ash tree, larch, walnut tree, spruce and cherry tree.

The Minispot patches can be purchased in packages of 100, 500 or 1,000.

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Model Minispot patches Package (pcs) Unit price Buy
smolnica JESEN 100 kos ASH TREE 100
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smolnica BUKEV 100 kos BEECH 100
smolnica BUKEV 500 kos BEECH 500
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smolnica ČEŠNJA 100 kos CHERRY TREE 100
smolnica MACESEN 100 kos LARCH 100
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smolnica MACESEN 1000 kos LARCH 1.000
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smolnica JAVOR 100 kos MAPLE 100
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smolnica HRAST 100 kos OAK 100
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smolnica BOR 100 kos PINE 100
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smolnica SMREKA 100 kos SPRUCE 100
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smolnica SMREKA 1000 kos SPRUCE 1.000
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smolnica SMREKA 500 kos SPRUCE 500
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smolnica OREH 100 kos WALNUT TREE 100
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