DIA nesting router bit 3+3 in tool holder Lestroj D12 x 21 mm


The nesting diamond router bit is thermally clamped in the tool holder, which enables high-quality processing, longer service life of the blade and the CNC aggregate unit. The diamond nesting router bit has 9 cutting edges, which enable a high-quality and fast processing. Maximum feeding speed is 25 m/min.


- 3 x 3 cutting edges

- faster feeding speed, for up to 25 m/min

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The nesting diamond router bit is thermally clamped in the HSK 63F tool holder, which enables reducing tolerance to a minimum by which we increase the service life of the blade, the quality of processing, time between sanding, etc.

The nesting diamond router bits are used on all CNC machines, for trimming and making grooves on enriched panels, such as chipboard panels, MDF, HDF as well as veneered and reinforced panels.

High capability in all types of cutting.

The main advantage of the NESTING diamond router bits is faster feeding speed and higher durability of the diamond blade.

The blade dimensions are 12 x 21 mm.

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